Technical publications linked to our expertises

Thanks to the high innovation rate of our company, Kapteos is frequently publishing technical papers during seminars, exhibitions, conferences, symposiums or after tests that highlight a noticeable measuring performance or a first-ever result.
These publications follow the peer-review process where recognized international experts, criticize, comment and validate the submitted papers which must contain a significant novelty.

This page shows only abstracts and the beginning of the introduction of the technical publications. For more information on a publication, please contact us.

Audiance during a technical presentation
1506, 2014

Unbiased Electro-Optic Waveguide as a Sensitive Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Sensor

June 15th, 2014|Categories: Publications|

Despite technical MRI improvements, spatial resolution and achievable image quality with external coil are still limited for the examination of deep regions. It has been demonstrated that an endoluminal (internal) coil provides an important increase in local signal to noise ratio (SNR), and enables very high resolution images.