eoSense converter: to operate the probes that measure the E-field (EMF)

This opto-electronic converter must be used with the eoProbe sensors and a dedicated software. It operates up to 3 eoProbe directly connected. It converts the optical signal transmitted by the eoProbe into an electrical signal that can be analysed with an instrument like an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyser or any other signal processing instrument.
It includes an antenna factor (AF) real-time treatment for measuring absolute electric fields (modulus, phase).
Each eoSense is delivered with a calibration certification valid for 2 years.

I download the basic functioning application note

7 opto-electronic converter versions to match your needs

Reference Bandwidth Internal amplification (option)
LF-30S 40Hz…30MHz
MF-01U 1kHz…1GHz 1kHz…1GHz
50dB gain
HF-10 100MHz…10GHz 100MHz…10GHz
55dB gain
HF-10V 10kHz…10GHz 30kHz…10GHz
50dB gain
HF-20 100MHz…20GHz 100MHz…20GHz
45dB gain
HF-20V 10kHz…20GHz 3kHz…18GHz
30dB gain
HF-40 20kHz…40GHz 100MHz…40GHz
48dB gain

Main specifications

Weight ≈ 9 kg (for 1 channel version without AMP)
Operating temperature +15 … +30 °C (59 … 86 °F)
Relative humidity ≤ 95 % without condensation
Power supply 100 … 250 V AC – 50 or 60 Hz – 150 W max.
Front panel I/O eoProbe connector: ruggedized UTS-LC (1/ch)
Signal output: 50Ω analog (1/ch):
=> BNC type: LF and MF versions
=> SMA type: HF-10 version
=> 3.5mm type: HF-20 version
=> K female type: HF-40 version
Antenna factor correction
1 x LED status
1 x Laser on/off key
Rear panel I/O 1 x USB 2.0 port
1 x Ethernet port
1 x Laser interlock adaptor (BNC type connector)
1 x ground screw
1 x Auxiliary female port (not used)

Download PDF data sheet

eoSense converter data sheet

A flexible design

The eoSense opto-electronic converter has been designed in a way that you could have different performances per channel, and also upgrade later on your existing version.

Not sure about the performances?

You are not sure about the performances of our system. No worries! Please check our services page and discover the various possibilities that Kapteos may propose to you.

Page of Kapteos services

Main advantages

Automatic antenna factor correction

Real-antenna factor correction

This unique feature takes into account the full measurement channel to minimize the errors like temperature drift, vibrations, fibre optic. This feature allows to reach very high performances.

Basic frequency curve

Fully calibrated for better performances

Each system delivered by Kapteos is calibrated for a period valid for 2 years. A calibration certificate is provided in standard. This feature allows to reach very high performances.

Easy operation of electric field measurement system

Easy operation

Less than few minutes is needed to start an electric field measurement thanks to the user-friendly software, opto-electronic converter and wide choice of accessories.

100 meters of optic fibre

Up to 100 meters of fibre optic

Thanks to Kapteos technology, up to 100 meters of fibre optic may be used between the measured E-field and the converter. More than enough!

Options for the eoSense opto-electronic converters

Amplification option inside instrument

Internal amplification of signal : AMP

Depending of your need, Kapteos may propose you to integrate an internal amplifier to reach your required specifications of low E-field values.

Accessories for the eoSense opto-electronic converters

eoAcq data aquisition system and eoSense instrument

eoAcq to record your E-field measurements

eoAcq is a real-time data treatment system like an oscilloscope or a spectrum analyser and records the measured electric fields in time or frequency domain.

Extension of fibre optic accessory

Fibre optic extension

The fibre optic extension is inserted between the eoSense converter and an eoProbe sensor to increase the distance up to a maximum of 100 meters.