eoProbe: the probe to measure the E-field (EMF)

It measures one component of the electric field vector based on the electro-optic technology. This Ultra-Wide Band sensor allows accurate measurements in almost any location and environment (air, liquids, gases) under harsh conditions.
Each eoProbe is delivered with a calibration report valid for 2 years.
This probe must be used with the eoSense converter.

8 EMF probe versions to match your needs

Reference Environment Sensitivity – Bandwidth Type
P1TR05-BS5-air Low permittivity (Air / oils) 250mV/m – 30 Hz … 10GHz Transverse
P1TR05-BS1-air Low permittivity (Air / oils) 500mV/m – 30 Hz … 50GHz Transverse
P1LR05-BS5-air Low permittivity (Air / oils) 50mV/m – 30 Hz … 10GHz Longitudinal
P1LR05-BS1-air Low permittivity (Air / oils) 200mV/m – 30 Hz … 50GHz Longitudinal
P1TR05-BS5-bio High permittivity
(water based liquids)
50mV/m – 30 kHz … 10GHz Transverse
P1TR05-BS1-bio High permittivity
(water based liquids)
200mV/m – 30 kHz … 50GHz Transverse
P1LR05-BS5-bio High permittivity
(water based liquids)
50mV/m – 30 kHz … 10GHz Longitudinal
P1LR05-BS1-bio High permittivity
(water based liquids)
200mV/m – 30 kHz … 50GHz Longitudinal

Main specifications

Characteristics Values
Sensitivity and bandwidth See above eoProbe versions table
Dynamic of measurement ≥ 130 dB.√Hz
Selectivity ≥ 50dB
Spatial resolution ≤ 1 mm
Operating temperature 0 … +50°C (32 … 122 °F)
Operating pressure  0 … 2030 hPa (0 … 29.4 PSI)
Max E-field without damage  10 MV/m
Max B-field without damage  4.7 Tesla
 Ingress protection rating  IP 67 (sensor only)
 Chemical compatibility of gases  Air, nitrogen, plasmas, SF6
 Chemical compatibility of liquids  Water, oils, alcohols, biological liquids
 Probe cleaning  Clean lightly moistened with isotropilic alcohol
Fibre optic diameter  2.8 mm
 Optic fibre minimum bend radius  40 mm

Download PDF data sheet

eoProbe data sheet

A flexible design

The eoProbe can have different standard fibre optic length 5, 10 or 15 meters. You need more distance? A fibre optic extension accessory is available up to a total of 100 meters.

Not sure about the performances?

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Main advantages

Near and far field

Vector near and far E-field measurement

Thanks to its high performances, the eoProbes can measure both near and far E-field.

Non perturbative measurement

No impact on the measured E-field

The probe construction does not include any metal part, hence the measured electric field is not perturbated. The eoProbe measures the exact E-field.

Insulated eoProbe

Fully insulated probe

Without any metal elements inside the probe, eoProbe is fully insulated. It is then possible to measure E-field under very high potential (several kV).

Basic frequency curve


Thanks to its technology based on Pockels effect, the probe can measure E-fields from 10 Hz up to 50 GHz with an excellent linearity.

Submillimetric compact design

High resolution and compactness

Its high compactness and sub-millimetric spatial resolution allows to measure very precisely the E-field.

Measurement indoor and outdoor

Outdoor operation

Even under outdoor conditions (0 to 50°C for the probe), E-field measurement can be performed with good results.

Accessories for the eoProbe

eoP-HLD holder for 1 longitudinal eoProbe and 2 transverse eoProbe

EOP-SH holder for a very compact 3-axis measurement

This holder can maintain up to 3 probes : 1 longitudinal and 2 transverse. It can be used with an eoPod or fixed anywhere with a M3 nylon screw.

eoP-HLD holder for 3 longitudinal eoProbe

EOP-HLD holder for a very sensitive measurement

This holder can maintain up to 3 probes : 3 longitudinal types. It can be used with an eoPod or fixed anywhere with a M5 nylon screw.

eoPod holder for measurement inside application

eoPod for eoProbe and eoProbe holders

This accessory allows via its articulated arm to maintain the probe holder on a specific location. It is fully dielectric hence can be used near E-field sources.

Extension of fibre optic accessory

Fibre optic extension

The fibre optic extension is inserted between the eoSense instrument and an eoProbe sensor to increase the distance up to a maximum of 100 meters.

eoCal calibration system in 3D view

eoCal for calibration in liquid medium

For a very accurate measurement inside liquid medium, eoCal is an easy and fast calibration accessory of your bio eoProbe.

eoAcq data aquisition system and eoSense instrument

eoAcq to record your E-field measurements

eoAcq is a real-time data treatment system like an oscilloscope or a spectrum analyser and records the measured electric fields in time or frequency domain.