eoAcq Data Acquisition System creates added value to your electric field measurement system

Our new Data Acquisition System will ease the treatment of the recorded signals measured by the Kapteos electric fields measurement systems. A great tool to ensure results in seconds.
This device must be used with LF (Low Frequency) eoSense converter model.

Main advantages

3 devices in 1

3 devices in 1

The eoAcq has been designed to act as an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyser or a vector network analyser (VNA).
A good value for money!

Volt per meter

Measurements in V/m

The eoAcq system records, treats and displays the measured signals in V/m. No need to treat intermediate files with different formats.
A great time saving!

eoAcq specific treatment software

Specific data treatment

The eoAcq system is based on your needs. It will be regularly updated in terms of specific data treatment like the signal frequency analysis.

eoAcq compact design

Compact design

Placed under the eoSense converter, its compact design makes it very easy to be connected under the main converter for a compact and fast set-up.


Main general specifications

Specification Value
Number of input channels 3 signals and 1 ref BNC connector
Resolution 14 bits
Bandwidth DC to 30 Mhz
Sampling rate max 125 MS/sec
Input range max 2.5 MV/m/div
Input load 50 ohms
Time base 1µs/div … 2s/div
Number of points Approx. 4000

Other main general specifications

Specification Value
Operating temperature 0 … +40°C
Power supply 100 … 240 Vac

Main specifications of software

Specification Value
Operating system Fedora (Linux)
Basic functions Oscilloscope
Mathematical functions Average, FFT, module and phase of sinus wave
Data export format CSV

A dedicated software

eoAcq dedicated software, can only be operated with the eoSense converter. It includes innovative features in addition to classical ones:

  • Storage of measured data
  • Measurement of E-fields in time and frequency domain
  • Oscilloscope:
    • 3 input channels and an input reference
    • Calculation of average values with storage of all recorded samples
  • Spectrum analyser:
    • FFT-based
  • Vector network analyser:
    • FFT-based with phase calculation in accordance with the reference signal phase

This software will be regularly updated, so stay tuned!

The eoAcq user manual is available upon request at Kapteos.


Accessory linked to the eoAcq Data Acquisition System

eoCal calibration system in 3D view

eoCal for probes characterisation

The eoAcq system may be used with eoCal (characterisation cell for eoProbe dedicated to liquids). This characterisation is performed manually for the time being.