Products portfolio

Kapteos offers a wide range of products and accessories.
The central part of the system is the eoSense converter which leads the accessories. The system measures electric fields based on electro-optic probes (Pockels effect).
This high-end converter provides the most advanced features even within very harsh environment like few MV/m, ultra bandwidth from 40 Hz to 40 GHz.
This portfolio is regularly updated with either improvements or new functions.

Comprehensive electric field measurement system

The picture below presents the up to date available products and accessories.

Comprehensive electric field measurement system
Front side view of eoSense instrument

eoSense converter to operate the full system

This opto-electronic converter must be used with the eoProbe sensors and a dedicated software. It operates up to 3 eoProbe directly connected. It converts the optical signal transmitted by the eoProbe into an electrical signal that can be analysed with an instrument like an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyser or any other signal processing instrument.
It includes an antenna factor (AF) real-time treatment for measuring absolute electric fields (modulus, phase).
Each eoSense is delivered with a calibration certification valid for 2 years.

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eoProbe to measure the electric field

It measures one component of the electric field vector based on the electro-optic technology. This Ultra-Wide Band sensor allows accurate measurements in almost any location and environment (air, liquids, gases) under harsh conditions.
Each eoProbe is delivered with a calibration report valid for 2 years.
This probe must be used with the eoSense converter.
6 patents covers the eoProbe: EP2035845, EP2035846, US7769250, US8264684, CA2655034, CA2655447.

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Electric field probe