Montena Technology is a company renowned for designing, selling, producing, and installing systems for the simulation of electromagnetic threats (HEMP – High-altitude ElectroMagnetic Pulse -, IEMI – Intentional ElectroMagnetic Interference -, HPEM – High Power Electromagnetics -, …). These systems integrates high voltage pulse generators and electric field measurement equipment.
Due to recent developments in threat scenarios and in the related standards, requirements for measurement capability have increased to 18 GHz or more. This development motivated montena to approach Kapteos for a partnership on high-end electric field measurement systems which are needed in future solutions. Kapteos systems provide ultra-wide-band electric measurements up to more than 100 meters between the sensor and the acquisition system. The device is fully resolved in time-domain down to several picoseconds with a wide dynamic range up to few MV/m.
We are pleased to announce that a contract has been signed in December 2017 between our two companies for this long-term partnership.