Thanks to an additional accessory mounted on our electric field probes, Kapteos has just demonstrated the possibility to measure DC electric field. The concept is based on the use of our present eoSense instrument and an eoProbe sensor. Around the probe, we implement an accessory that converts the DC field into an AC frequency. The targeted performances of this DC measurement, is to be able to measure the DC electric field with its harmonics. Thanks to our existing electro-optic E-field measuring system, even with this new accessory, the system will remain:

  • Fully insulated, because the probe, this new accessory and of course the fibre optic link are totally metal-free
  • Non-invasive: the sensor will not disturb the measured DC electric field
  • Easy to implement has it is connected to the instrument with a fibre optic link up to 100 meters

The accessory size may be approximately within a volume of less than 1 liter.

Thanks to this new demonstration, Kapteos could now target the following market needs (measurement of DC electric fields in):

  • DC Sub-stations
  • DC power electric converter
  • HVDC lines
  • Any DC HV components
  • and more

As a preliminary measurement tests, we obtain the following results:

DC E-field measurement with eoSense

The graph shows the linearity curve of a DC electric field based on a voltage power supply from 50V up to 900V DC. In the applied set-up, this represents a DC electric field from 1kV/m up to 18kV/m.

Even with a not optimised demonstrator, one could see that the system is quite linear. The concept would also work under several kV DC system to measure high DC electric fields.

If you are interested in this concept, please contact us for more information.