Main parameters to take into account for an application simulation

The measurement of electric fields requires a lot of precaution to ensure valid values. Unlike the measurement of magnetic fields or voltages which are quite well controlled, the measurement of an electric field involves the understanding of the comprehensive performances of the measuring device, the data acquisition system and of course, the application.

Graph of the application simulation output signal

The understanding of the application

In one hand, the customer should have some basic knowledge of the expected values to obtain like:

  • Min and max values of the electric fields
  • Bandwidth of interesting signal
  • Single pulse signal or repetitive signal
  • Shape of signal

In the other hand, the customer should know the way to handle the measurement:

  • Measurements of the E-fields in time-domain (with an oscilloscope) or in frequency-domain (with a spectrum analyser) or both
  • The performances of its acquisition devices (oscilloscope or spectrum analyser)
  • The various possible settings to improve the performances of the measurements
  • The constraints of the measurement inside the applications (EMC, vibrations of the measurement support, temperature variations…)

The performances of the eoSense and eoProbe system

The eoSense converter provides a laser to the eoProbe that measures the field. The eoProbe reflects the laser back to the opto electronic converter including the signal information. The converter converts the laser information into an analogue electric value proportional to the electric field at any time.
The general performances of the eoProbe are mainly defined by:

  • The bandwidth (approx. 10 Hz up to approx. 50 GHz)
  • The sensitivity (depending on the model of the eoProbe)
  • The medium of the eoProbe (for air, liquids or gazes)
Example of an application simulation output signal

Whatever the application, the frequency response of the eoProbe is generally the one presented here.
This curve, based in an internal simulation tool, does not represent the certified performances of the eoProbe but it is just representing a typical measurement of an electric field.