Frequently asked questions on the various proposed services

The purpose of these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is to answer most of questions in order to help you to understand better the various and full services proposed by Kapteos. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us!

FAQs on customers services

General frequently asked questions about system rental

To date, Kapteos rents the following products:

  • eoSense converters and related accessories
  • eoProbe sensors and related accessories

The material rental involves to the customer:

  • A training prior to use of the material
  • The availability of equipment that suits the customer’s application
  • A rental period generally between 1 week and 4 weeks

Shipment of materials can be achieved (in principle) everywhere except in countries that are subject to European or international regulatory restrictions.

The required minimum duration is one week because it involves important logistics and training on the provided hardware and software. The maximum desired duration is of few weeks but it seems reasonable not to accept period greater than 4 weeks.

Any material rental involves to adhere to an insurance proposed in standard by Kapteos in the quotes.
If the customer refuses this insurance, upon shipment of equipment, the customer assumes the risks associated with the use, storage and transport.

If the equipment, an accessory or physical element or software becomes defective during the lease, the customer will pay the repair costs according to the estimates provided by Kapteos or your local dealer.

Yes, indeed.
Before each rental, Kapteos ensures of the correct functioning of the rented products despite the fact that each product owns its proper calibration certificate.

General frequently asked questions about measurements performed by Kapteos in a customer application

The need for an in-situ measurement involves questions that must be answered by the client before any intervention by Kapteos.
The main elements and steps are:

  • Customer’s need expression (see Customer Request Form)
  • Analysis of the need by Kapteos with any requests for additional information by email, phone, Skype or other video conferencing system, meetings …
  • Delivery of a quote
  • Upon customer acceptance, payment of the deposit to trigger delivery
  • Preparation of the security conditions (by the customer or another) to perform measurements by Kapteos
  • Travel and measurements made by Kapteos
  • Report issued by Kapteos
  • Discussion with the client on performed measurements

Only the client will be able to judge the specific conditions that must be implemented and under his own responsibility in order to perform measurements by Kapteos.
Authorized persons in terms of security, belonging to the client organization, will always be present in order to anticipate any risk initially not planned.
In case of imminent danger on Kapteos staff, the customer must immediately inform Kapteos of this imminent danger.

Everywhere in the world except in countries that are subject to European or international regulatory restrictions.

To date, people in Kapteos empowered to achieve customer measures are:

  • Professor Lionel Duvillaret, an expert in optics and microwave. Mr Duvillaret has published more than 200 articles on electromagnetism, optics, and many other subjects.
  • Associate Professor Gwenaël Gaborit, expert in optics and microwave. Mr Gaborit has published more than 100 articles on electromagnetism, optics, and many other subjects.
When Kapteos is sending a quote to achieve a measure for a client, the following elements are included in the costs:

  • Preliminary technical preparation of the measurement
  • Travel actual costs (hotel, meals, car rental, aircraft …)
  • Hardware costs required for measurement (specific to Kapteos and other possible rents)
  • Measures implementation time at the customer
  • Travel time (for journeys greater than 4 hours)
  • Report writing time
  • Time for verbal explanation or physical meeting

The main added value of a measurement made by Kapteos at the customer, is based on the implementation of high performance technologies and used by recognized experts in the issues raised by the client beforehand.

The customer will thus obtain a very precise report on the understanding of its problems, which is supplemented by a verbal exchange with Kapteos experts.

The customer has, in a very short period of time and at a reasonable cost, access to the enlightened and written comprehension of his subject in order to get full knowledge for actions or necessary improvements or corrections.
The pay-back of the provision of service realized by Kapteos at the customer’ plant is mostly very short (few months).

Finally, Kapteos may, in accordance with the customer’s situation, offer other complementary services such as electromagnetic simulation, training or work as an expert in support to the customer.

The report topics of measurements made in situ by Kapteos are generally the following:

  • Customer’s need reminder
  • Goals of measures to achieve
  • Description of the client application
  • Description of hardware implemented by Kapteos
  • Description and detailed measurement results
  • Findings
  • Conclusion

This report is written in either French or English. The report is provided by email in PDF format.
The report is then reviewed by Kapteos to the client (Skype or other means). The proposed average time is about 2 hours.